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Our Mission

At Camelot, our mission revolves around putting students' welfare and growth above all else. We are committed to empowering each individual, recognizing their unique potential, and guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. By cultivating a nurturing and inclusive learning environment, we strive to instill not only academic excellence but also qualities of compassion, resilience, and critical thinking.


Our students are encouraged to question conventions, explore their passions with dedication, and approach challenges with courage. We firmly believe that true education goes beyond textbooks, as we aim to ignite a lifelong love for learning and the desire to effect real and lasting change in the world.

・Build fundamental knowledge and skills.

We think that "knowing" about something is not enough. The most important thing for students at this age is to build on their fundamental knowledge and skills and be able to apply them. As they grow, this will allow them to solve problems and further understand anything they face in life.

Missions for Primary School

・Create a positive learning habit.

Learning habits that have been created at an early age strongly influence how they learn in the future. We believe that developing positive learning habits and attitudes at school are as important as their development of knowledge and skills.

・Learn actively and independently.

For knowledge and skills to truly become part of their strengths, learning actively is crucial. Having strong interests and motivation towards the learning allows them to engage and actively participate in class, and we value and strongly encourage this attitude at Camelot. If the students find a strong interest through this process, we encourage the students to take a step further to independently learn more about what they are interested in.

・Understand the existence and purpose of rules in society through the smaller society called school.

Humans all belong to some form of society. For students, the school is one of them, and they will belong to a larger society some day as they grow. By emphasizing the existence and purpose of the rules at school from an early age, the students will have the opportunity to learn and understand the reason why we have rules in society.

・Value the students' learning experience based on their interests.

Using the fundamental knowledge and skills that have been built up through primary school, we shift the focus of learning to find what each student is interested in, or what they are confident at. We believe that their learning experience should be something that allows them to dig deeper into these interests and strengths.

Missions for Secondary School

・Be able to present and express one's opinions.

In the process of absorbing knowledge and building skills around the students' interest, it is important for them to output the knowledge and skills to others as they grow older. This is why we create many more opportunities for students to express their opinions through writing and communicating at secondary school. They will spend more time to write, discuss, present, and deliver their opinions to their peers. We believe that this will lead to their independence as an individual who can think and act on their own.

・Understanding one's strengths and weaknesses.

Students face many changes both physically and emotionally. They grow up to become more independent, and face opportunities to understand more about themselves. This is why it is important for students to take this opportunity to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are. Understanding both sides about themselves, students can focus on strengthening their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses through their learning.

・Learn further about and understand the society we live in.

Students will have more opportunities to learn about various societies and the history behind each of them during secondary school. They will explore the social aspects that exist in the real world to take a critical view towards it in order to have a deeper understanding of the world they live in.

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