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Pre-Admissions Information

Before You Start

At Camelot, our academic year starts in September and ends in June. We upload information regarding school enrolment procedures, school tours and applications every year in February/March for students applying to enrol in September of the same year. We accept applications from children aged 6 years and above by 31st August of the year they are enroling. However parents/guardians may fill out our online visiting form the year before.

Admission Procedures


Find Out More

We make the best effort to provide as much detail as possible on our website. Please take a look around this website to find out more about our school. We recommend you start from these pages:


We accept applications from those who meet our admission guidelines. There are limited seats available for specific years/grades. Please check our Admission Guidelines for further detail.

Check Admission Guidelines / Submit Application Form


The non-refundable Application Fee is ¥15,000. The payment must be completed via bank transfer before the entrance examination day. Upon consultation, it is possible to submit the Application Fee on the day of the entrance examination at school (cash only). If you would like to do so, please mention that in your Application Form so that we can provide further guidance.

Complete your Application Fee Payment


Our admissions process typically involves an entrance examination and interview, which all candidates are required to attend*1. To determine a candidate's academic level and eligibility for acceptance, we evaluate their mathematics and English reading/writing skills along with an interview with the homeroom teacher. This serves as an opportunity for both the school and the applicant to gain a better understanding of each other. Our main purpose for the entrance examination is to determine whether the candidate would thrive in an English learning environment and in Camelot's school community.

After the assessment procedure, we will notify you of the results via email.

*1 We offer alternative options to take the entrance examination depending on your current situation. Please refer to the Admission Guidelines for further detail.

Assessment / Results


If the applicant is accepted to our school, the Entrance Fee must be completed within 7 business days from the day you receive the acceptance letter. If the payment is not completed within the given period, we will assume that the applicant has decided not to enroll in our school.


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