How much Japanese do your students learn in school?

Primary school student have Japanese Class once a week. For fluent English speaking students who need additional Japanese support, we have an optional JFL (Japanese as a Foreign Language) Class every Friday.

Does the school offer after school club activities?

For Year 2 (Grade 1) students and above, we offer after school club activities that differ slightly depending on the term. The club is held once a week between 15:40-16:25.

When is the beginning and end of the school year?

The school year begins at the beginning of September. The school year ends at the end of June.

Does the school offer summer school programmes?

We offer a 4 or 5-week summer school program every year from July to August. The summer school focuses on strengthening the students' academic skills, which include English and Math.

How are primary and secondary students divided?

Primary: 6 ~ 10 years old, Year 2 ~ 6 (US: Grade 1 ~ 5) Lower Secondary: 11 ~ 14 year old, Year 7 ~ 9 (US: Grade 6 ~ 8) Upper Secondary: 14 ~ 18 year old, Year 10 ~ 13 (US: Grade 9 ~ 12)

What are the school hours of the school?

Doors open from 8:30 and close at 17:00. Primary: The homeroom starts at 9:00, and students are dismissed at 15:30. Students with afterschool club activities will finish at around 16:25. Secondary: The homeroom starts at 8:50, and students are dismissed at 15:35. Students with afterschool club activities will finish at around 16:25. Students may stay until the doors close at 17:00.

In what way is the school authorized?

The school is authorized by Cambridge Assessment International Education. The Ministry of Education in Japan does not qualify international schools in Japan, which is why we are authorized as a Cambridge School. We are also currently preparing for the qualification by Council of International Schools.

Does the school offer a school bus?

We do not offer a school bus for students. As the station (Kotakemukaihara Station) to our school is a 2-minute walk, many students come by train. Some families come by car as well.

Does the school offer lunch?

The school orders lunch from a lunch delivery service. For families who wish to order lunch, they may order from ¥320 ~ ¥500 per meal.

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