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General Admission Procedures

1. Find out more

Have a look around this website to find out more about our school. You can from these links below.

2. Check Our Admission Guidelines / Send us your Application Form

We accept applications for those who meet our admission guidelines. There are limited seats available for specific years/grades. Please check our Admission Guidelines for further detail.

3. Complete your Application Payments

The payment for the Application Fee (¥15,000) must be completed before the entrance examination day.

In certain situations, it is possible to submit the Application Fee on the day of the entrance examination at school. If you would like to choose this option, please mention it in your Application Form and we will provide further guidance.

4. Assessment / Results

Our admissions process typically involves an entrance examination and interview, which all candidates are required to attend*1. To determine a candidate's academic level and eligibility for acceptance, we evaluate their mathematics and English reading/writing skills along with an interview with the homeroom teacher. This serves as an opportunity for both the school and the student to gain a better understanding of each other. Our main purpose for the entrance examination is to determine whether the candidate would thrive in an English learning environment and in the school community.

After the assessment procedure, we will notify you of the results through email.

*1 We offer alternative options to take the entrance examination depending on your current situation. Please refer to the Admission Guidelines for further detail.

Enrollment Procedure

If your child is accepted to our school, the admission fee must be completed within 7-10 days (depending on business days) from the day you receive the acceptance letter. If the payment is not completed within the given period, we will assume that the child will not enroll in our school.

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