General Admission Procedures

1. Know About Us

2. Send us your Application Form

We accept applications for those who meet our admission guidelines. Please note that there are limited seats available for specific years/grades. Please contact us to for information about vacancy.

3. Please complete your Application Payments

Usually, the application payment must be completed before scheduling the test day. However, in some cases, we will accept the application payment at school on the test day. If you wish to make the payment on the testing day, please consult us about this when sending the application form.

4. Assessment / Results

Usually, we will ask all candidates to come to school for an entrance examination and interview. This is for both the school and the student to better understand each other. Our focus is to see whether the candidate can thrive in an English learning environment. Mathematics skills and English Reading / Writing skills will be assessed to determine the academic level. The results will effect the decision of admission if there are only a few seats available.

After the assessment procedure, we will notify you the results through email.

Enrollment Procedure

If your child is accepted to our school, the payment of entrance must be completed within 7-10 days (depending on business days) from the notification. If the payment is not completed within the given period, we will assume that the child will not enroll in our school.