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Academic Achievements

Record of University Admissions (Accepted) for 2023

At Camelot, 4 students this academic year enrolled in the Year 13/Grade 12 and all wished to study in a faculty/programme in Japanese universities where they can learn solely in English. There were no applicants for overseas universities.

We have received the final results for all the students and we would like to thank everyone's support. All students were accepted to multiple faculty/programmes, and one student who had a skipped grade was also accepted to four departments at the young age of 17 (with their A-level qualifications). We are extremely happy to announce that everyone, including those who applied to national Japanese universities, were accepted to their desired schools.

University (A to Z)

Faculty / Programme

Students Admitted

Hosei University
Rikkyo University
Sophia University
Tokyo University
Waseda University

Faculty of Sustainability Studies (SCOPE)
Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP)
Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA)
Programs in English at Komaba (PEAK)
School of International Liberal Studies (SILS)
School of Culture, Media and Society (CMS)
School of Social Sciences (SSS)
School of Political Science and Economics (PSE)


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